Just Music Voice Lessons

Justin Lacey is the manager of 'Just Music' and vocal instructor. Voice lessons are formatted to fit each student’s individual needs. They are open to all ages from 7 years old and up. From beginners to already knowledgeable singers, Just Music lessons will help everyone further improve their musical ability. Everyone is different and has different things they want to accomplish with voice lessons and Just Music strives to help them accomplish those goals.

Lessons can be focused on a variety of styles from Classical and Jazz to Contemporary and R & B. The main focus of voice lessons will be breath technique and resonance. Other topics will be range expansion, enunciation, and performance technique. The first lesson with each student will be used to determine strengths and weaknesses and give the student the opportunity to explain what they would like to accomplish with lessons.
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Health Benefits of Singing: 
  • Reduced stress & improved mood 
  • Lower blood pressure 
  • Boost immune system 
  • Improve breathing 
  • Reduced perceived pain 
  • Improved sense of rhythm 
  • Promote learning in children 
  • Forge comforting memories 
  • Promote communal bonding 
  • Provide comfort 
  • Motivate and empower 

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