Just Music Lessons

Welcome to Just Music
Private lessons not only increase the student’s knowledge and understanding of music, they enhance education and learning overall.  Music study provides enjoyment, self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.  Music is a vital part of life, a vital part of education, and it’s FUN!  We look forward to working with each individual, whether just beginning their musical training or furthering their musical knowledge and understanding.

What We Offer:
Just Music offers voice lessons and beginner piano, guitar, and music theory lessons.  Justin has experience teaching all ages; Kids, teens, and adults welcome!


Lessons in Instructors Home:

  • 30 minute lesson - $30 
  • 60 minute lesson - $45 
Lessons in Students Home:
  • 30 minute lesson - $35 
  • 60 minute lesson - $50

Payment: Payment is due at each lesson.  Students may pay for the full month at the first lesson of the month, or at the start of each weekly lesson. 
In-Home Lessons: In home lessons are only available if student lives within a ten mile radius of instructor's home.  (exceptions can be discussed) 
Discounts: Family discounts available, contact for more information.

Necessary Materials

Study materials needed include: 

  • Binder or folder for music 
  • 2 pencils and a highlighter 
  • Extra paper for notes & assignments 
  • Instrument you are studying in order to practice
  • Voice lesson students are encouraged to have a small keyboard or piano in their home

Students are expected to prepare music assigned during the previous lesson.  For voice lessons, students are asked to warm up before the lesson begins. 

At home lessons considerations:
If your lesson takes place at the instructor’s home please remember that you are a guest.  Respect the instructor’s home and remain in the lesson area.

Skype Lessons

Just Music also offers lessons over Skype. These lessons are recommended primarily for people who live far away from where instructors are located, as communication between instructor and student is better in-person, but are available to anyone. These lessons can also be given for students who take in-person lesson but are away on vacation or other and wish to continue with that week’s lesson. It is suggested these lessons not be given to students taking in-person lessons unless they are unable to attend the in person lesson. A Skype lesson can be given if a student is ill and unable to attend the in-person lesson, however, it is suggested that vocalists rest their voices when ill.

For information on pricing please contact us.

Attendance & Make-ups

Weekly attendance is expected!  In the event of unavoidable circumstances, cancelations must be made at least 24 hours in advance, except in the case of extreme illness or emergency.  Otherwise no make up will be scheduled and payment must be received.  Students will be notified of instructor absence at least 24 hours in advance, accept in the case of unforeseen circumstances.  Any cancelation due to instructor absence will result in a make up class or refund.  Alternate scheduling will be provided for holidays. 

Make-ups will be scheduled, when needed, during normal business hours.  All lessons will be made up within two weeks of the missed lesson.